You can reach Nicholas Schmidle via email at: nickschmidle (at)

To inquire about literary rights, please contact:

Andrew Wylie
The Wylie Agency
tel 212 246 0069
mail (at)

To inquire about film rights, please contact: 

Matthew Snyder
Creative Artists Agency
msnyder (at)
tel 424 288 2000

For television rights, please contact: 

Tiffany Ward
Creative Artists Agency
tward (at)
tel 424 288 2000

To schedule an interview, please contact:

Natalie Raabe
Director of Communications
The New Yorker 
natalie_raabe (at)
tel 212 286 6591

To request a copy of To Live Or To Perish Forever, please contact:

Serena Jones
Henry Holt and Company
serena.jones (at)
tel 646 307 5254