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The Kings of the DesertThe New Yorker, 4/13/15

Lost in SyriaThe New Yorker, 2/16/15 

Freedom for Tyrone HoodThe New Yorker, 1/13/15


Inside the Failed Raid to Save Foley and SotloffThe New Yorker, 9/5/14

The Ventura VerdictThe New Yorker, 7/30/14

Crime Fiction, The New Yorker, 8/4/14


A Very Rare Book, The New Yorker, 12/16/13

Seaweed on the Rocks, The New Yorker, 7/22/13

In the CrosshairsThe New Yorker, 6/3/13

Bring up the BodiesThe New Yorker, 5/6/13

Chinese PuzzleThe New Yorker, 2/25/13

After A-JadThe New Yorker, 2/11/13



After PakistanThe New Yorker, 11/26/12

Disarming Viktor BoutThe New Yorker, 3/5/12
On the Trail of an International KillerThe New York Times Magazine, 1/8/12


Siberian Paradise, The Atlantic, December 2011

Three Trials for Murder, The New Yorker, 11/14/11

Tapping the Essence of Belgium, Afar, November/December 2011

Getting Bin Laden, The New Yorker, 8/8/11

Putting Poppies in the Gas TankThe Atlantic, March 2011



Top GunSlate, 11/1/10

Smuggler, Forger, Writer, SpyThe Atlantic, November 2010

The Peace DividendT: Travel, Fall 2010

Talking to BastardsThe New Republic, 9/21/10

Under WaterSlate, 9/1/10

Inside the Knock-Off FactoryThe New York Times Magazine, 8/22/10

Barely Friends, Few BenefitsThe New Republic, 8/6/10

The StalkerThe New Republic, 5/27/10

Flop HouseThe New Republic, 5/8/10

In a DitchThe New Republic, 5/4/10

Fantasy Island: Democracy EditionMother Jones, March/April 2009

SlanderThe New Republic, 1/8/10



The Hostage BusinessThe  New York Times Magazine, 12/6/09

TalibanistanWorld Affairs Journal, Fall 2009

After MehsudSlate, 8/7/09

Pakistan's Next Fight? Don't Go ThereThe Washington Post, 6/14/09

Back PakThe New Republic, 6/3/09

Wanted: A New Home for My CountryThe New York Times Magazine, 5/8/09

The Playboy Running PakistanThe Daily Beast, 4/30/09

How to Save PakistanSlate, 4/27/09

The Idiot's Guide to PakistanForeign Policy, March 2009

The Black WidowerThe New Republic, March 2009

Breaking PointThe National, 3/20/09

The Saharan ConundrumThe New York Times Magazine, 2/13/09



Faith and EcstasySmithsonian, December 2008

The Tribal FallacyThe Atlantic, 11/13/08

Witness To Musharraf's End, The New Republic, 8/18/08

The Dictator Takes Up His Golf ClubsSlate, 8/18/08

Inside Saudi Arabia, Slate, 4/17/08-4/18/08

Like the Wild, Wild West. Plus Al-QaedaThe Washington Post, 3/30/08

Musharraf Powerless, Islamists DefeatedSlate, 2/19/08

Pakistan Kicked Me Out. Others Were Less LuckyThe Washington Post, 2/3/08

On the Campaign Trail in PakistanSlate, 1/09/08-1/11/08

Next-Gen TalibanThe New York Times Magazine, 1/06/08

We are Ready to DieThe Virginia Quarterly Review, 1/03/08

Democracy is Not a Postcard, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2008



What's Next for Pakistan? Slate, 12/27/07

Pak It InThe New Republic, 11/10/07

The Hardest PartTNR Online, 11/09/07

Martial LawyersSlate, 11/07/07

In the Name of GodMother Jones, 7/19/07

My Buddy, The JihadiThe Washington Post, 7/15/07

Farewell, My Jihadi FriendSlate, 7/11/07

Street Fighting MenTNR Online, 7/3/07

Radical SheikTNR Online, 6/21/07

Des mollahs à l'école de l'Occident, L'actualité, 6/1/07 (in French)

Pakistan's new ethnic warSlate, 5/17/07

Revolution: The Islamist challenge to secular Bangladesh, Boston Review, May/June 2007

Who'd Be an Untouchable?, Slate, 4/19/07

Among the Missionaries, Slate, 4/18/07

Refugees or Rebels?, Slate, 4/17/07

The Army Comes to the Rescue, Slate, 4/16/07

Waiting for the WorstThe Virginia Quarterly Review, Spring 2007

Reform ing Pakistan's 'Dens of Terror,' Truthdig, 1/22/07

Getting to Know the GeneralThe Washington Monthly, January/February 2007



In Central Asia, New Players, Same GameThe Washington Post, 1/29/06

Borderline MessThe American Prospect Online, 1/25/06

Kyrgyzstan Appears Set for Continued Uncertainty in 2006Eurasianet, 1/3/06

Dushanbe's Living HistoryForeign Policy, January/February 2006



Valley of JihadThe Weekly Standard, 12/26/05

In central Asia, US bid to be a "friendly" baseThe Christian Science Monitor, 10/31/05

A Bridge too far in Central Asia?Asia Times Online, 9/28/05

No Westerners AllowedContra Costa Times, 6/5/05

Between the Mullahs and BushThe Progressive, April 2005



The Art of Brinkmanship, Henry L. Stimson Center, 12/23/04

The paradox of anti-Americanism in IranThe Daily Star, 11/17/04